10 Reasons to have 9 Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils in your Survival Kit

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    • Jackie Perkins says

      I have purchased many quality essentials from Eden Botanicals.com. Their oils are much more reasonable in price and they are top quality and most important, a safe site to buy from. They have a medical description for each oil. I spoke with them and they recommended Medical Aromatherapy Healing with Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt. I purchased it on Amazon. Also, a book by Dr. Cass Ingram, The Cure is in The Cupboard. It is all about oregano oil. I have found that is excellent for curing just about everything. And the best oregano oil is by North American Herb and Spice. They have a site but you can purchase it for almost half the price of what it sells for at Swanson Vitamins.com. All the oils are expensive to invest in, but they are a must, we haven’t been to a doctor in over a year. They are what doctors used before antibiotics.

  1. says

    I use Melaleuka, Oregano, and On Guard for staff infections, bacterial infections and virus’. They work FAST! My son had a horrible staff infection that I knew would put him in the hospital if I didn’t act fast.
    I immediately put on a couple drops of these oils and within a few hours, it stopped spreading. With 48 hours it was GONE!
    My friend, Danielle, had a infant who also had a bad staff infection and the doctor wanted her to give him 3 different anti biotics. She went home and looked in the book “Modern Essentials” under staff infections, and decided to try Melaleuka before she gave him the anti biotics. It completely stopped the infection within 24 hours. The “Modern Essential” book is a Must have for all essential oil users. It explains how to treat everything with essential oils. I buy my oils from http://www.essentialoilsbydoterra.com.

  2. says

    Great succinct article with lots of info. Thanks! I had already been to Julie’s site and signed up to receive the article about 2 oils. Then saw this! :) I still find essential oils for medical use a bit intimidating, but I’ve been using them for sprays for years.

  3. says

    Most oils can be applied directly on the skin, except for peppermint, oregano, cinnamon. (the spicier oils) I use a carrier oil called Fractionated Coconut oil. But other oils like virgin olive oil are ok also. I ALWAYS use a carrier oil on babies and children with sensitive skin issues. And, you don’t need very much on babies and children. Just a diluted drop or two is sufficient. That is VERY IMPORTANT. Good Luck.

  4. Barb says

    Av-at are the best IMO. I have use them for years and trust the company and their customer service is top notch. Best prices anywhere. I am not affiliated with the company at all. av-at.com

  5. Brittany says

    Appalachian Valley Natural Products has very high quality oil for a reasonable price. I buy all my oils from them.


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